9 Reasons Why You Should Let Your Social Shine

You have the social media accounts and you post about your business including new menus, specials, or updated hours.  That’s great!  Now take it to the next level and get personal.  Let your social shine by letting your personality shine through your posts.

Why should you do this?

When you interact with your followers you are able to create new relationships and maintain the ones you have.  Your brand builds trust by listening, providing feedback and interacting with your followers.  When someone loves your brand or product they are more likely to share your content or make a great comment, but the reverse is true too.  If someone has a bad experience, they are likely to post negative feedback, possibly having a bad effect on your reputation.  Make it easier to want to share your information by not always pushing for a sale. When someone is looking for information about your company, make sure they are able to find the information they need by posting the type of information you would like to interact with if you were the customer.  Your ultimate goal is to convert your readers to customers, and the key to doing that is to foster genuine and trustworthy relationships based upon what you share.  Chrissie Wywrot

  1. You have already developed your Buyer Persona, now put that to use to develop your voice and communicate with your ideal customer.  Don’t try to be everything to everyone, talk to your followers as if you were talking to a friend.

Appeal to many, but speak to one – your buyer persona. Convinceandconvert

  1. Use the feedback your customers provide to help you decide what to write about in the future.  Ask your customers for feedback regarding your product or service. How are they using your product?  What issues have they experienced?  What is their favorite feature of your product?  What was their last experience at your location like?  This feedback can help you decide what to write about in the future or can correct our impression of our customer’s perception.  We often think we know what our customer is looking for, but we can be far off base. Chrissie Wywrot This feedback creates engagement without asking anything of your customer often times allows you to provide additional valuable information in return.
  2. Create content that is valuable and that your customer cannot find anywhere else.  Be unique and if it is helpful to your customer, they will be more willing to share that information with their followers.  If good, solid information is given without asking for anything back in return you begin to create trust and become the expert on the topic for your customers.  
  3. Why do dog and cat videos receive so much attention?  They are funny and in many cases remind us of our own pets at home.  Content that evokes emotion is relatable and memorable and worthy of being shared.  Other relatable posts that can show that your business has a human component is telling your readers about a recent issue you have faced and what the outcome was.  You can ask for their advice or similar stories in return.  Showcase your work with local nonprofits and ask your customers to volunteer either with you or to send pictures and stories of causes that are important to them.  

Your audience needs to see that your company is built with real people.  Convicneandconvert

  1. Choose a day a week and ask questions of your followers.  I would keep it consistent so that they know you are truly interested in their comments, and they can anticipate this post.  You cannot just throw the question out there and then not respond to the reader’s comments.  The idea here is to become engaged with your readers, to get to know them and to create trust.  Make sure your answers do not sound as if they are coming from a bot.  One word answers such as great, or thank you do not sound authentic or legitimate.  Respond to the person, using their name and create a thoughtful reply. When you do not have a question for the day create an open forum where your readers can ask your opinion on a subject.  This is also a great way to mine your audience for what questions and concerns they have which can lead you to create new or better products or to create a new blog post.  
  2. There are ways to interact with your ideal customer, even if they are not yet one of YOUR customers.  Remember that Buyer Persona?  One of the questions you should be asking is where your customer finds information related to your product or service, or what blogs they read, websites they visit or what podcasts they listen to.  Visit these places as well.  Quite often there will be questions posted that you have the answer to.  You can answer the question, or better yet show that person that you have answered that question in a blog post so that you can direct them back to your website.  Do not try to sell them on your product or service.  Be there to be the expert and gain their trust.  What if you did not complete that Buyer Persona?  Search Twitter for hashtags that relate to your business or find groups on Facebook that post about your particular business or product and often you will find that people have posted questions that you are able to answer.  No questions that you can answer?  Comment and share on the posts that are there.  Again. Do not sound like a bot with one word, canned responses.  Be thoughtful and complimenting in your responses.  
  3.   Everyone has their bad days or experiences.  Don’t be afraid to share them as well, not to evoke sympathy from your followers, but to show that hey it happens to all of us.  Try to inject some humor into the situation if you can.  Stay positive. As Michelle Obama said, when you go low, we go high.  That is a great philosophy to live by.  This will make your posts more inviting and will encourage others to share positive information.
  4.  Inspirational quotes with beautiful pictures are shared frequently.  These types of posts are easy to create on your own.  Is there a certain philosophy your business takes to heart, create an image and include the quote.  There are many stock photo sites where you can find photos, but be sure you can use them as you want to and attribute as necessary, or better yet, take some beautiful photos of your business and use them as the underlying photo to your quote.
  5. Have fun with your posts.  If everyone tells you that you are funny, make that shine through on your posts instead of being serious.  You can be an expert and be funny at the same time.  Do you have a bit of a sarcastic side?  Put that on display, but be sure not to make it at anyone’s expense.  Are you a practical joker?  Show off the practical jokes you play at work.

As a final note, the social media sites we use are continually changing what they want you to see.  It is businesses that are most often penalized.  Instead of chasing the newest algorithm to figure out how to beat the system, make your content personal and genuine to try to reach as many people as you can.

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