The Weekly Pile Up

Volume 6

June 7, 2019

The must-see event of the weekend is the ARCA Midwest Tour Father’s Day 100 at the Milwaukee Mile, Milwaukee, WI. 

This race will mark the first time that stock car racing has visited the mile track in quite some time. The last race the Tour (then ASA) ran at the Mile was in 2014 and that race was won by none other than current NASCAR Monster Energy Cup Series star Eric Jones. 

The three races ASA held at the Milwaukee Mile had three well-known winners.  The last race was won by Eric Jones, Cup Series star and champion Kyle Busch took home the second checkered flag, and Travis Sauter won the first year.

This years field of competition is already set to be a star-filled one. Of the 44 competitors entered as of Monday June 10th there are drivers from nine different states including Oklahoma City, Oklahoma driver Donnie Wilson who is coming off a disappointing finish Monday night in the Money In the Bank 150 at Berlin Raceway (edit.:  Wilson will likely not make the show because of the damage the car suffered Monday night), former NASCAR driver Rich Bickle Jr, Carson Kvapil, son of NASCAR driver Travis Kvapil, CRA drivers Austin Kunert and Josh Brock, and Ty Majeski who has won two ARCA Menards series races this season. Also recently entered is ARCA Menards championship contender Travis Braden, and also set to come to race is Georgia driver Casey Roderick, who on Monday night said he plans to race in the event.

With so many top drivers competing,  it will be an exciting race to see who comes out the winner and is able to put their name with the previous winners of the event and possibly make a name for themselves with all eyes across the Midwest on this race.

Money in the Bank – Berlin Raceway 

This past weekend in asphalt racing saw the CRA Superseries head to Berlin Raceway for the Money In the Bank 150. The event was a hectic one as there were many incidents across the track all night, with turn four seeming like the place for most of the mayhem. The exit of turn four had four accidents take place in that location alone, collecting a total of 10 cars over the set of crashes, including a big one with 11 laps left in the race that saw local driver Dave Lake get into the right rear of Donnie Wilson causing Wilson to spin and Lake to get airborne and fly head-on into the outside retaining wall of the track. Thankfully Lake was able to get out of his car on his own power, but he did break his wrist in the incident.

Once all the dust settled, it was home track driver and fan favorite Brian Campbell bringing home the $20,000. Senneker Performance brought home chassis builder bragging rights as the Senneker car was able to send the invading Fury and Rowdy manufacturing cars home empty-handed.

In dirt racing this past weekend the Dirt Late Model Dream roared into Eldora Speedway in Rossburg, Ohio.

The Saturday show got off to an interesting start as Jimmy Owens blew a motor during his hot laps which would cause him to start at the tail of the field for his heat race. Jonathan Davenport won the first heat of the night, John Blankenship won the second, Tim McCreadie won the third, and Kyle Bronson won heat four. Heat five was an exciting one, to say the least. After the caution came out on lap 11 the field came back to the green flag, however just as the flag dropped the skies burst opened and rain showers drenched turn one. When the unsuspecting field got to it, catastrophe hit.

Scott Bloomquist leads into turn one and in the bottom groove lost grip sliding up into the outside wall, then Dennis Erb slid into Bloomquist and soon after the entire field had gotten into the pileup. Eldora ran heat six while the field was able to make repairs to their cars, Kyle Strickler won heat six. When heat 5 was able to resume Bloomquist was able to cruise to the win, however, after the race, the car was 2 lbs light on the scale resulting in a DQ giving the win to Dennis Erb Jr.

The main feature was an exciting race and one with few cautions which were the result of a couple of slow cars, and a couple spins. On lap 83, the race was set up for an extremely exciting finish, when McIntosh got into the wall with the leader Sheppard narrowly avoiding him.  On the restart cars from second on back got together, however, everyone kept it straight and the race continued, until lap 88 when Strickler and Pearson Jr. got together.

After the restart, there was three-wide racing for the second position which was ultimately won by Tyler Erb. With three to go McDowell had found speed as he has taken over the second position and going for the lead.

On the last lap coming out of turn four, the cars were nose to nose leaning on each other going for the win. Sheppard was able to make it to the line first by the nose of his car, giving us one of the most exciting finishes of the year in racing of any discipline at any level.

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