Behind the Helmet

10 Questions with Brad Springer

Continuing our efforts to help you get to know your local driver’s we connected with Brad Springer modified driver from Hudson, Indiana.

Be sure to follow Brad to help build his following and help catch the eye of potential sponsors.  His Facebook link is in the comments! 

Brad Springer has a vast racing resume, comprised of thirty years of racing in various series, classes,

and at various race tracks. His experience includes various awards, wins, and championships. Brad

Springer’s racing program encompasses family. His wife Stacey is also a mechanic and plays the team

role of spotter and team manager. She has been one of the primary team members since 1998. Brad’s

parents also support his racing program and have been an integral part of Brad’s success in racing

since his first race in 1990.  

TLC. What made you want to get your start in racing? 

BS:  My brother raced for 10 years while I was growing up so I was at the track every week helping him.  My uncle raced as well even before my brother, so racing was all I knew growing up.

TLC. Who was your idol driver growing up? 

BS:  Alan Kulwicki because he was a self-funded team and I respected that. 

TLC. If you could go back in time and attend any race of any discipline, what race would you choose? 

BS:  1998 Daytona 500 when Dale Earnhardt won. Such a legend of the sport achieving his greatest accomplishment. Priceless!

TLC. If you could pick any current cup driver to have as a teammate, who would you pick and why? 

BS:  Martin Truex Jr because he is someone who has overcome so much adversity and came out on top because of his perseverance. 

TLC. What is your favorite memory at the race track? Driver or spectator?

BS:  It’s too hard to pick one.  Here are my favorites: my first ever win in a Street Stock in 990 and my dad had tears in his eyes (I was hooked), Run for the Gun win at Winchester Speedway in 2009, 2010 Speedfest Winner at Lanier, GA, 2010 USA Modified Champion, and the first win that my daughter was able to wave the checkered flag in victory lane.

TLC. If you didn’t get to be a racecar driver, what would be your next career choice? 

BS:  Racing is the only thing I’ve ever wanted to do.  Other than that, I considered the military or farming.

TLC. What is your favorite unhealthy thing to eat?

BS:  Mexican food

TLC. What is your favorite show to binge-watch?

BS:  Andy Griffith Show

TLC. What is your top music choice for road trips?

BS:  80’s rock or hair bands

TLC. What is your favorite hobby outside of racing?

BS:   Spending time with family and camping.

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