Behind the Helmet

10 Questions with Austin Hull

As we get to know more of the short-track drivers the one common theme has been family, which holds true for Austin Hull and Hullster Motorsports.

Austin Hull is a Sportsman driver at Berlin Raceway and this year has won his second championship.  

Congratulations Austin!  

He could not have accomplished that without the help of his sponsors Downtown Trini’s and Margarita Joes and Town and Country Carpets of Sparta – their links are in the comments.

TLC:  What made you want to get your start in racing?

 AH:   I wanted to start racing because I kinda just grew up playing the NASCAR video games and my dad started racing when I was 8. So I guess you could say it’s a blood-borne illness lol.

TLC: Who was your idol driver growing up?

 AH:  My dad was my racing idol. He started from very humble beginnings with a cheap car and open trailer and by the time he retired after his 12th year he was very well respected around our home track Berlin Raceway.

TLC: If you could go back in time and attend any race of any discipline, what race would you choose?

 AH:  I would love to attend any wingless dirt sprint car race.

TLC. If you could pick any current cup driver to have as a teammate, who would you pick and why?

AH:   I would pick Kevin Harvick. I feel like he would be a great mentor in the sport as far as how consistent he is and how he can pick his spots to make his moves on the track to make the best of any situation he may be in.

TLC:   What is your favorite memory at the race track?  Driver or spectator?

 AH:  My favorite memory at the racetrack was in 2017 winning our first of 2 track championships and seeing how proud it made my dad. That really made me smile.

TLC: If you didn’t get to be a race car driver, what would be your next career choice?

 AH:  I really always wanted to be a stunt driver if I was not racing.

TLC: What is your favorite unhealthy thing to eat?

 AH:  Ooooooooh that’d definitely be anything chocolate. 😂

TLC:  What is your favorite show to binge-watch?

 AH:  At the moment ‘My Name is Earl”

TLC:   What is your top music choice for road-trips?

 AH:  70’s-90’s rock.

TLC:   What is your favorite hobby outside of racing?

 AH:  Playing the guitar. Other than that I live racing.

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