The Weekly Pile Up

Volume 21

August 8, 2020

The Berlin Brigade Makes a Run to Jennerstown Speedway in Attempt to Claim the Crimson Coat & $10,000

In just its third year Jennerstown Speedway’s third running of the Motor Mountain Masters has become one of the top races that drivers want to win and fans want to see. 

The race is drawing drivers from around the country including last year’s winner Josh Brock along with Travis Braden, Derek Griffith, and local stars Mike Hemminger and Barry Awtey. 

What struck me is the number of entries from West Michigan who consider Berlin Raceway their home track.  

Berlin Raceway has not been able to hold a race yet this year because of the restrictions placed upon business because of the COVID crisis.  It appears that our drivers are chomping at the bit in anticipation of getting their high horsepower cars out on the track. 

The latest entry into the race is Hudsonville Michigan’s, Nate Walton. Nate is the 2019 Berlin Raceway track champion and races in the JEGS CRA series.  

As a late entry into the race, I asked Nate what made him decide to enter this race. 

“Well, we weren’t even planning on running this weekend.  Our next race we were hoping to run was the JEGS race at Birch Run. We saw a couple of other drivers heading down to Jennerstown so Monday night we kinda talked about it and were trying to decide if we had time to get the car ready and then finally Tuesday we just decided let’s do it and started working on the car. Lol.” 

In regards to future plans,  “Really the only plans we have right now are Birch Run, IRP, and maybe Winchester all with the CRA JEGS series if they are able to run when it comes time.”

Brain Campbell, Wyoming MI, is making the drive to PA also. Brian is always a force to be contended with at  Berlin Raceway and both CRA divisions and has the most wins in the JEGS CRA series.

About this weekend at Jennerstown Brian said, “Right now we are happy to be racing.  Asphalt in Michigan is all but shut down.  The Mountain Masters was on our schedule regardless of the current situation.  Happy that PA will allow the race to go on.  The rest of the season is upon the air.”  As for plans for the rest of the season,“Not exactly sure.”

Another driver making their way to Jennerstown this weekend before heading to the Daytona Road Course to drive a truck for Niece Motorsports is Portage MI’s, Carson Hocevar.

 Evan Shotko and Gerry Shepard, who is in his rookie season of late model racing, round out the field of Berlin racers.

Jennerstown Speedway Complex

Jennerstown, PA

3rd Annual

Motor Mountain Masters 150 lap  $10,000 to win (+ the custom crimson coat) PRO Late Models

Last year’s winner: Josh Brock

Watch live on Pit Row TV

Volume 21

August 8, 2020

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