Behind the Helmet

10 Questions with Lance Elliott

Lance Elliott

Last week I talked to Lance Elliott TLR Racing about his plans for the year and he played along and answered some fun questions for us. Here is the second edition of Behind the Helmet – Getting to Know the Driver.

You can follow Lance on his racing page with the link above. Lance partners with the following companies:

Turning Leaf Realty

Horsepower Project by Michele Martin Photography

Evolve Print Company

Lance Elliott Hometown: Laramie, Wyoming2020 Tracks: Las Vegas Bullring, Meridian Speedway, Stockton Speedway

Car: #42 Super Late Model

2020 Season: SRL Southwest Tour Series; NW Tour; will look at other touring series.

Past Experience: Began racing Bumble Bee and Mini Stock for a few years and then I stopped racing when I went to college. This is the first year in a late model, and the first race of the year was the Chilly Willy I have been in Wyoming for 7 years and have been looking at getting back into racing, especially Super Late Models, and this opportunity presented itself. I am living a childhood dream.

Lance’s last race was at Colorado National Speedway, June 13. Elliott finished 5th after snapping his left front shock. Next up on the schedule for Lance is South Sound Speedway in Washington which is his home track.

TLC: What made you want to get your start in racing?

LE: I have always been into anything with motors. Quads and dirtbikes growing up, I rode a 3 wheeler with no brakes. I was fearless! My dad took me to the track one day. I did not know my dad and granda had been into racing. My dad said we are going to start racing, and the next weekend we did. We had 2 or 3 cars starting out and by the end had 7 or 8. Everyone was racing.

TLC Who was your idol driver growing up?

LE: I didn’t know any NASCAR guys really. But I would say the guys I raced around growing up including Tom Sweatman and Dan Walker.

TLC: If you could go back in time and attend any race of any discipline, what race would you choose?

LE: There are tracks that I would have liked to race at that are no longer there. Races like Montana 200 at Montana Raceway Park, which recently closed. As for watching, I would have liked to have seen the original NASCAR races on the beach.

TLC: If you could pick any current cup driver to have as a teammate, who would you pick and why?

LE: Kyle Busch even though he is the antagonist. Later this year get to race against him at Las Vegas. He is so talented and I would like to get some pointers.

TLC: What is your favorite memory at the race track? Driver or spectator?

LE: Growing up I was a fan of the onion rings a the track. The race track is home, so really all the food there is a good memory.

TLC: If you didn’t get to be a race car driver, what would be your next career choice?

LE: A police officer. I actually looked into that before I went back to racing. It is an honorable job, and when done correctly can go well.

TLC: What is your favorite unhealthy thing to eat?

LE: Quesadillas

TLC: What is your favorite show to binge-watch?

LE: I always go back to The Office.

TLC:  What is your top music choice for road-trips?

LE: Outlaw country. The old guys.

TLC:  What is your favorite hobby outside of racing?

LE: Rugby. I played in college and I still play club.

TLC:  What are your plans for the remainder of the year?

LE: The next races include Colorado and Irwindale and maybe some ARCA. I have a heck of a year ahead of me and I want to race against all the best.

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