Setting Yourself Up For A Successful 2022 Season

Finding a marketing sponsor is long-term, and never-ending. You need to set yourself up, today, to be successful tomorrow, and to be successful in motorsports marketing, you need to be organized consistent, and maybe a little bit stubborn.

 I think you need to know where you are currently to know where you want to be you need to create a roadmap. So, where are you in your season right now? Are you done, winding down which is the case in the north and Midwest and west, or is it that your season never ends?

How did you end out the season with your funding? Were you okay, or did you know that one more part failure rack would end your season early? Also, you need to know how you feel about your relationship with your current marketing partners. Do you have a process in place to be able to report back to your partners about your successes, and also places where you could improve. Did you make promises at the beginning of the year and then did you fulfill them. Do you feel confident, asking your current marketing partners to renew for next year? If not, you might have done something wrong and need to reassess that too. 

Do you have your plans for next season? And then do you have all of your expenses accounted for?. I know I talked to one person who will let me know the cost of each race and the cost of each lap. So knowing that is a good, smart starting spot. But don’t be tempted to fall into the trap of thinking about only yourselves in your needs when budgeting for next season. Don’t forget to know that you need to understand what your marketing partner needs and that they should be receiving more value from you than you’re receiving monetarily, so that means you are, of course, always putting their names on the car, etc. But there are other ways to provide value to them and they all have a monetary value to them.

One person seen your company’s logo on a car one time is equal to something silly like .001 cents. So there is not much value, really, to put their name on your car. It is together things that you can provide that will give them more value. 

There are several tools that I use, that I think you would like to use, they’re helpful and can save you time and money. Earlier this week I shared a partnership template with you. Did you get it?  I will post the link again, or you can scroll back up through a couple of posts as well to get it there.

Companies are going to continue to use, and increasingly rely upon social media and digital resources to reach out to their customers. A lot of that is that their hands were forced to do so last year during the pandemic. And they’ve learned that they can do it and they can be successful doing it. So, you are in a position to help your marketing partners reach their target market through your digital assets. And then again marketing partners will likely want access to your fans and followers through the in-person events such as erasing or company visits, or whatever else you have planned for them, but also your digital assets which are your fans and followers your social media pages, etc.

What are your plans for next year? Do you know already do you intend to stay in the same series or division, do you plan on moving up? Do you know how much funding you’ll need to make it through the year without worrying if you’ll make it to the next race? Knowing this amount is a good thing. But again, don’t fall into the trap of asking your partner for the funding you need instead of making the proposal about them and what they need. So also then try and stay away from a popular proposal that has three different tiers of sponsorship often that’s why it is this amount, this amount. And then for this, you’ll get, you know, a small logo, a medium logo, a large logo, and a more prominent place. But again, that’s not all that should be involved in your partnership proposal. And it doesn’t take your partner’s needs into consideration at all. 

Remember to customize your proposal, and I’ll show you an easy way to do it that you don’t have to customize every single thing in your proposal, one or two pages at the end I think is sufficient. I personally liked I left spots in there for questions and notes that you can refer to that at the end of the year to know if you did what they asked for. 

The offseason coming up is one of the toughest times to find content to build your social media pages, So I’ll try and give you ideas to keep your page active. And again, take what you like and disregard what you don’t like or doesn’t suit you. That’s fine, I’m not offended! Use your own ideas use as a jumping spot, again, whatever works for you. 

Again, I still firmly believe that companies are going to continue to lean heavily on social media and digital marketing. I have some articles that can share if you’d like to find more if you’re interested to back that up, then you know that it’s not just me saying that it’s other people saying that as well.  

The good news for you is that when you continue to use and grow your social media and your followers, that gives you an important asset to offer to a potential marketing sponsor or marketing partner. In addition to the traditional name on the car shirts hero cards, etc. 

There are ways that you can optimize your profile pages so that you have every bit of information on there that someone would be looking for, and you can direct them to other places to find information. And we’ll do that one day too. 

On that note, social media platforms reward you by showing your content to more people, the more consistently you post so it’s kind of like a circular example, so that the more you post, the more and show the more you can have bands and the better off you are with potential sponsors. 

Video is one of the easiest ways to create content, I’ve told you before I don’t like to do videos at all I don’t like doing this. And I won’t look back at them to see what I’ve done because they’ll delete it and have to start over, and now I have time for that. So I’m doing this to try and get better at it, and do a better job and be able to effectively communicate better with you guys. But what video can do is it can be broken down into many different posts, and I’ll show you our I’ll share more on that in a little bit too. But that’s exactly what I’m going to do with this video too.

 So other ideas to post that are behind the scenes of you working on the car if you’re going to do anything to tear it down for the winner and rebuild over the winner. You can show people what you’re doing to find sponsorship, you can share about your family if you’re comfortable doing that. Social media graphics are easy to do. Canva and Adobe Spark are free, and it gets easier the more you do I’m not a graphic designer by any means, but I think what I put together is decent enough

I do not have all the answers to marketing and to sponsorship. But I’m continually learning, and I’ll share that information that I learned with you. One way I learned is by your questions so every time. Often someone asked me a question I’m like oh that’s good I think of that. And then if I don’t know the answer, I can go find it. A

I want to put you in the best possible place to find marketing partners for next season. I’d love to be able to help everyone do that themselves but I can’t do that. The next best option is to help you do that to be successful. 

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