Using LinkedIn to Obtain Sponsorship

This is a transcript from a video I created showing you the basics of LinkedIn.

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I had said we would talk a bit about LinkedIn this week, so I want to give you a little bit of information about it. 

If it’s not a site you’re using yet, that’s something you should definitely do in regards to trying to build your sponsorship base. If you’re not already on it for business purposes, certainly create an account and put yourself out there. 

The reason why is this is going to give you a little bit more of a professional look, and it’s going to help you stand out from other people. I can only think of three people right offhand that I know are using LinkedIn and of course, that’s just what I’ve seen. There are probably many more, but I’ve seen Anthony Alfredo and Ryan Vargas use it very well. Most recently, I received a connection request from a local Midwest late model driver, so I’m curious to see what he’s going to do with that. That’ll be good to see. 

So again, it’s going to help you stand out from other drivers and give you a little bit of professionalism. It’s not a trendy site, like Tik Tok. It’s something that’s more respected and trusted by other people in the community, the professional community, and for this reason, is something you should stick with and not jump around to other places. Keep building your connections and posts often.  It doesn’t need to be every day on LinkedIn, but at least often enough so that people don’t forget you and that you can have a little bit of a presence.

 What I like about LinkedIn is it gives you the opportunity to find really targeted people. 

We’ll go through a few different areas that you should have filled out.  Your name, then what you do in then if we scroll down further this is how many people have looked at my profile, how many people saw my last post, and how many search appearances I showed up in.

My ‘about section’ so it’s pretty long. I have a lot of information here. Use all of the space that you have to give as much information as you can. Next, list the last couple of jobs that you have had.

Start building up slowly so you don’t get overwhelmed and don’t try and fill out everything all at once you just go slow.

Here is where it gets good.

In the search part, you can search ‘business owner’ and ‘Grand Rapids, Michigan’ and get a few responses. Second connections are people that I’m not currently connected to, but that they are connected to someone that I know. You can sort it by first, second,  and third connections. So the first connections are the people that I am currently connected with. And then as you grow and become connected to more people that allows you to be able to connect to additional second-level connections and grow your connections that way. If you’re a second connection, you can send a connection request right away

 Again, the connections you want to reach for most of the local racers are local companies. Use different search options such as President, Founder, and Marketing.

Don’t forget in the about section to provide as much information as you can about who you are, what you race, and most importantly, how racing can help each of these people get their message out. 

One important tip that I did not get to in the video is the reason to go slow is so that you don’t get shut down in your searches.  Do not send more than 20 connections per week.  Remember it is a long-term game, and you don’t want to either spend too much of your time on any type of social media platform or upset the LinkedIn ‘gods’ by doing too much too fast.  On all of the platforms, it is seen as spammy and potentially bots completing the actions which they do not want.  All of the platforms are striving for authentic relationships and connections.

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