14 Questions with TLC

Garrett Dies

Hartsville, TN

#27 Pro Late model – Fairgrounds Speedway Nashville


Jackie W Gaither

Gittin’ There Trucking LLC

TLC:  What advice do you have for new drivers? 

GD:  Set the bar high – not necessarily your expectations but set your bar high by trying to do your best don’t be disappointed if you don’t finish well.

TLC:  What can psyche you out going into a race, or do you get nervous before a race?

GD:  No- used to get nervous and my Tourette’s used to fire up before the race, and what would set that off would be the idea of wrecking, but now I understand that this is not a show car and that wrecks are going to happen.

TLC:  How do you prepare mentally for a race?

GD:  I don’t think I ever do – I don’t think you can – even with working on the car you cannot be ready, so I do not get mentally prepared until my helmet is on and the belts are strapped down.

TLC:  What are your goals for yourself & team this year?

GD: The goal for the season is to come out with knowledge – always to win but at Nashville a top 5 and finish in 1 piece at each race is a good night.

TLC:  How would you describe yourself in 5 words?

GD:  Stubborn eager hardworking busy prepared.

TLC:  What makes you smile?

GD:  If I need a smile and have a bad day, I think about winning a race or previous wins.

TLC:  Have you had any strange/weird interactions with fans?

GD:  Years ago, at a small track a group of people would be posting on social media. I was 14 they were 12 or 13 – they would stalk on social media and make comments on posts. They would not leave the pit area and made shirts – not so much a fan more of a stalker.

TLC:  What do you do in your spare time? 

GD:  Working out – going to the gym & exercising if I am not at the shop – I am at the gym.

TLC:  Who do you look up to for advice on racing/ real life?

GD:  This hits home – the man Norm B., he was like a second dad.  He passed away last year.  If I needed advice about racing or was having problems with my dad, I would always go to him.

TLC:  What is the most interesting thing you have seen or read this week?

GD:  Normally I take a picture so let’s see.   I was at the gym and I look at the treadmill and there was a guy with a neck brace – like he broke his neck.

TLC:  What would you like people to think about you after watching a race you competed in?

GS:  That I am smart & patient and I do not make moves unless someone slips up

TLC:  What secret talent do you have?

GD:  I don’t think I have a secret talent – one thing not everyone knows about me is that I have Tourette Syndrome.

TLC:  What is your favorite track food and where is it?

GD:  Duck River, a small dirt track, had a tamale that was good.

TLC:  What is the biggest misconception about drivers or racing?

GD:  About Drivers – if a fan is in the pits for the first time many think drivers may be stuck up or do not want to interact, but we are really somewhere else mentally.

Photo: Garrett Dies Facebook

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