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Your customers are on social media and that is where they expect you to be as well. No longer can your business exist solely on a website and an occasional post to your Facebook page.  You need to be available to provide information, be witty and helpful at any time. With 1.28 billion active daily Facebook users, social media not only helps create fans and loyal customers but can also be an integral part of your sales funnel.

Many companies have good intentions with social media and marketing, but ultimately do not see results from their efforts.  The lack of results leads business owners to believe that social media does not work for their business or niche.  The real reason the business does not see success with social media marketing is often twofold.

  1. Many do not know how to effectively use social media to drive website traffic and nurture leads.  
  2. There is just not enough time or desire on the part of the business owner to manage the social sites.

Teresa Lynn Communications focuses a lot of attention on Social Media and Digital Marketing.  What is often overlooked is that Social Media can, and should support sales. For this to happen you need to work at it.  A strong social media strategy, with plenty of relevant, informative content along with the resources to maintain your sites will not only create engagement and keep your company top of mind with your customers but can increase your sales as well.  Planning and implementing these strategies is time-consuming and often you do not know where to even begin. This is where Teresa Lynn Communications can help.

To start it all off, we want to get to know you, your business, and your customers and determine what you consider to be a successful campaign.  We’ll find out what obstacles you would like to overcome in your digital marketing and social media management and how best to achieve your goals.  We will customize a package to fit your needs and create a strategic plan to help you best utilize existing platforms and explore adding additional platforms to drive sales and engagement.

First and foremost your goals are our goals.  But in general this is what we strive to do for you:

  • Increase traffic to your social media sites and determine which sites provide the best return on your investment.
  • Create and curate information that is interesting to your customers and post on a consistent schedule.
  • Reply to inquiries and monitor accounts for mentions to help create a positive social image.
  • Drive engagement on your social sites of and increase interest and awareness of your brand.

Connect with me when you are ready to talk about your goals.

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